Stainless Steel Stove Floor with glass table, triple Flamengo - Bivolt

The Electrolux 76USV Triple Flame Glass Table Stainless Steel Stove has individual grills that, in addition to ensuring a modern design, allow you to maintain optimal cleanliness so that the appliance remains always new, enhancing the environment.

The triple-burner burner on this glass-table cooker lets you prepare your recipes much faster, without losing nutrients and food characteristics, and is guaranteed to have higher quality meals.

The Electrolux 76USV cooker has a full glass oven door, which improves the visibility of its interior, allowing real-time monitoring of recipes.

With regard to safety, this 5-burner stove surpasses it because it has a gas shut-off system that shuts off the supply if the oven flame goes out.

The triple glazing allows the heat to be effectively insulated from the outside of the stove, preventing accidents during use. This feature also assists in better cooking of food, bringing you much more enjoyment of your meals.

Tempered glass table
Modern design with superior workmanship. Easy cleaning, smooth surfaces and few cutouts.

(1) Triple Flame Burner, (1) Fast and (3) Semi-Fast
Guaranteed power, provides faster food preparation.

Matte steel individual grids
More stability for your cookware. In addition to durability and resistance.

Full Glass Door
Improves visibility inside the oven so you can follow your recipes more easily.

Sealed burners
Does not allow waste to enter the stove.

Removable oven inner glass
The only one with removable glass in its category, making cleaning easy in your daily life.
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