Refrigerator Frost Free 454 L Bottom Freezer

The Frost Free Bottom Freezer 454 Liter DB53X Refrigerator is designed to give you more comfort and practicality. It has the freezer on the bottom and the refrigerator on the top.

The refrigerator has several compartments and shelves to offer more convenience when storing your food. With the large internal space of the Electrolux refrigerator you can better organize the various types of food.

It also has sliding and retractable shelves and a Blue Touch panel with various functions that will help you optimize your time. Enjoy all the benefits that only an Electrolux product can offer you!

Flexible layout
Attributes like sliding shelves, retractable shelf and Fast Adapt on the back door help you optimize the interior space.

Bottom Freezer Cooler
With the refrigerator on the top and the freezer on the bottom you will have more comfort and practicality in your daily life.

Fruit and vegetable drawer with partition
Have your fruits and vegetables always organized with this drawer.

Ice twister
You will be able to remove ice cubes more easily with the turntable.

Sliding trays in the refrigerator
Space made for storing foods that need greater care.

Lock bottles on back of refrigerator door
Make your bottles and containers even safer.

Blue Touch Panel
Union of technology with a range of digital functions.

Drink Express function in the freezer
Chilled drinks with just a touch of the panel.

Egg holder
Store and transport your eggs with special care.

Turbo Freezer Compartment
Foods that need to be at a lower temperature can easily be stored.
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