Refrigerator French Door Water and Ice Dispenser 538L Stainless Steel

Your daily life requires a modern and spacious refrigerator, such as the French Door 538L (DM85X) Refrigerator. This Electrolux refrigerator has 538 liters ensuring enough space to store and organize the most diverse foods, such as meat, fruits, vegetables and vegetables.

Cool off after returning from workouts with the Water-Free Ice Dispenser on this frost free reverse cooler. In addition to providing filtered cold water at any time of the day, it also prevents you from having to open the refrigerator all the time to pick up ice cubes.

Painted a surprise party and you need to quickly freeze drinks for your guests? Select the Drink Express feature on the Blue Touch Panel and leave cans and bottles cold within minutes. Perfect for all times, the Electrolux refrigerator becomes your kitchen's best friend.

Attention: Check the dimensions of this product and make sure that it will normally go through supposed lifts, doors, stairs and / or corridors, we are not responsible for hoisting or hoisting service.

Invert Technology
Inverter technology is responsible for causing the appliance to reach the temperature needed to function properly, reducing power consumption. *

* In relation to the minimum for Inmetro A classification.

Water and ice dispenser at the door
Have filtered water, crushed ice or crushed ice all the time without having to open the refrigerator door all the time;

Fast Adapt shelves in the back door
Sliding counter door shelves: flexibility to adapt space to different package and item sizes;

Blue touch panel with several functions
Technology for the best performance and control of the refrigerator in the external panel;

Drink express
Cools bottles (up to 2.5L) and beverage cans in minutes, powered by the panel;

Bottle lock (counter)
Bottle safety and container organization, without taking up space;

Egg holder
Easily and safely store and transport eggs, preventing them from falling and breaking midway.
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