Stainless Steel Flexispace Connected Multidoor Fridge

Electrolux Stainless Steel Flexispace Connected Multidoor Fridge with four doors is what you need to update your kitchen. Control fridge functions with Electrolux App, and keep any kind of food preserved with FlexiSpace, a compartment that adapts according to your needs: freezer (-23ºC), meat and fishes (-2ºC), beverages (0ºC) fresh food (3ºC) and wine (7ºC).

Meat & Fish function helps you keep food fresh for up to 7 days without freezing. Use the app to preset reminders or to enable freezer funcion, to avoid waste.

TasteLock compartment keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 14 days by automatically sealing off moisture. TasteGuard with Air Purifier keeps your fridge air free from bacteria and smells. TwinTech Dual Cooling system keeps every compartment's temperature and moisture isolated, avoiding smells to spread through food.

Inverter technology keeps temperature balanced and saves up to 30% of energy. AutoSense automatically sets the temperature to preserve your food.

Fast Adapt system and reversible shelves in all compartments enable you to adapt internal storage. There are also two compartments for wine on FlexiSpace compartment.

One door features a water and ice dispenser with filter for chlorine and bacteria, keeping them always fresh, healthy and at hand.

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