Home pro 14 place settings dishwasher

Electrolux, always seeking way to innovate people's lives, has just made its new Home Pro line available.

It is a line of kitchen products that promotes a unique experience, with elegance and style, to provide you with a complete, modern, sophisticated solution.

The big difference of the Home Pro line is elegance. With a contemporary design, it combines the best of stainless steel with touch panels with blue LED. Perfect to renew your decor.

With Electrolux Dishwasher you can accommodate different sized dishes, including the most delicate ones.

Its intelligent system allows the Dishwasher to choose the best program to be used, depending on the dirt found in the dishes, thanks to its sensor system.

It features the postpone start function, so you can start the operation when you decide and program.

It also offers interesting functions such as: Sanitize, with water heating to 70 ° C and Acquajet, ideal for small dishes.

A modern and full-featured dishwasher will be an ideal purchase to help your routine.

• Intelligent sensor, an intelligent sensor that detects the level of dirt in the dishes, and automatically chooses the best washing program.
• Sanitizes the dishes with a water jet heated to 70ºC.
• Option to choose between using the upper basket or the lower basket individually. Flexibility to run a cycle without waiting for the maximum load of dishes.
• Acquajet function: Ideal for a small amount of dishes. Rinse and remove excessive dirt to prevent smells.
• Turbo Wash function, more agility and protection.
• Washing programs, an ideal program for each type of use (Express 30 ', Delicate, Day to day, pans). You can choose the best program to suit your need.
• Postpone start, Allows you to postpone the start time of washing, according to your need

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