LEGIOMIX® Electronic mixing valve - NA Market

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Brand: Caleffi
Product family: PLUMBING
Product group: North America
Date of publishing: 2019-05-10
Edition number: 1
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The electronic mixing valve is used in centralized systems that produce and distribute domestic hot water. It maintains the temperature of the domestic hot water delivered to the user when there are variations in the temperature and pressure of the hot and cold water at the inlet or in the draw-off flow rate. The LEGIOMIX® electronic mixing valve provides precise temperature control over very low and very high flow rate demand, minimal pressure drop with a ball valve control element, automatic self-cleaning to prevent scale formation and easy-to-use digital interface with data logging, alarming and status indication. The LEGIOMIX electronic mixing valve is furnished with a controller with LCD user interface that provides a set of programs for circuit thermal disinfection to kill Legionella. The controller is configurable via keypad, or local or remote computer. Depending on the type of system and habits of the user, temperature levels and operation times can be programmed as desired. In addition, it comes standard with monitoring and remote control connections.
The LEGIOMIX 6000 series electronic mixing valves meet the requirements of ANSI/NSF 372-2011 and are certified to ASSE 1017, CSA B15.3, UPC, IPC, Low Lead Laws and listed by ICC-ES for use in accordance with the U.S. and Canadian plumbing codes.


LEGIOMIX® Electronic mixing valve. ASSE 1017/CSA B15.3 certified by ICC-ES. Valve body: Threaded NPT male, sweat or press connections
from 3/4” to 2” with unions and tailpieces. DZR low-lead brass body (<0.25% lead content), meets requirements of IPC, IRC, UPC,
NPC and ANSI/NSF 372-2011 certified by ICC-ES. Low-lead brass, chrome-plated ball, and peroxide-cured EPDM hydraulic
seals. Maximum body pressure rating (static) 230 psi (16 bar). Max. operating pressure 150 psi (10 bar). Max. inlet temperature
212°F (100°C). Complete with mixed outlet temperature gauge, 30°F to 210°F scale, 2 inch diameter. Flow ranges: 3/4 inch: Cv9.7, 2.2 gpm to 43 gpm (8.3 to 172 lpm); 1 inch: Cv
21, 3.1 to 94 gpm (11.7 to 356 lpm); 1 ¼ inch: Cv 24, 4.4 to 107 gpm (16.6 to 405 lpm); 1 ½ inch: Cv 34, 6.6 to 152 gpm (25 to
575 lpm); 2 inch: Cv 47, 8.8 to 215 gpm (33.3 to 814 lpm). Actuator: 3-wire floating fail-in-place with intergral position indicator,
electric supply 24 VAC - 50/60 Hz direct from controller. Power consumption 6 VA. Self-extinguishing VO cover, protection
class IP65 (NEMA 4/4X). Ambient temperature range 14°F to 130°F (-10°C to 55°C). Supply cable length 31½" (0.8 m). Mixing
valve: Maximum recommended operating differential pressure (dynamic) 20 psi (1.4 bar). Max. inlet pressure ratio (H/C or C/H)
2.1. Temperature stability ± 3°F (± 2°C). Maximum water hardness: 10 grains. Controller: Electric supply 24 VAC ±10% - 50/60 Hz.
Power consumption 6.5 VA. Adjustment temperature setting range 70°F to 185°F (20°C to 85°C), Disinfection temperature range
100 to 185°F (40 to 85°C). Ambient temperature range 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 50°C). Self-extinguishing ABS, color white RAL
1467 housing, self-extinguising SAN, smoked transparent cover, protection class IP 54 (wall mounting) Class II appliance. CE
and FCC part 15 approvals. Choice of 11 languages with set of programs for selectable automatic scheduling circuit thermal
disinfection to kill Legionella, configurable via keypad, or local or remote controller; with additional functions of daily ball rotation
cycle to flush debris, flush valve relay output, data logging (40 day FIFO loop buffer), alarming, and status indication. Provided
with two NTC element 10,000 ohm stainless steel temperature sensors for mixed outlet water temperature and return water
temperature, strap-on style, for recirculation.
Provide with optional stainless steel inlet port check valve assembly with a acetal plastic check valve insert and NBR o-ring, field
installed, code NA10366 (1 inch and 1¼ inch), NA10367 (1½ inch and 2 inch). Provide with Modbus-to-BACnet gateway for BAS
integration, code NA10520.

Material main: Brass
Material secondary:
Designed in: Italy
Manufactured in: Italy

BIMobject Category: Plumbing - Valves
IFC classification: Valve
UNSPSC name: Valves
UNSPSC code: 401416
Code: L7136
Description: Valves
Code: PR-94-94
Description: Valves
Uniclass 2015 Code: Ss_40_15_75_75
Uniclass 2015 Description: Sanitary accessory systems
Code: 94-94
Description: Valves
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code: 22 00 00
CSI MasterFormat 2014 Title: Plumbing
OmniClass Number: 23-27 31 00
OmniClass Title: Valves
CSI UniFormat II Code: D20
CSI UniFormat II Title: PLUMBING
This product is available in:
North America
  • Canada
  • United States

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Plumbing - Valves

Name Value
Connection Size 3/4" — 2"
Connection Type Union sweat NPT male Press
Flow Rate 47 gpm — 215 gpm
Integral Finish Brass
Method Of Operation Electronic
Mount Type pipe inline
Working Pressure 150 psi
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