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Changing tables - Daycare changing tables by Granberg

Child care work is inspiring and fun, but is often also physically demanding. During the day, children must be frequently lifted when they need attention and care. Since we all vary in height, carrying out care tasks such as nappy changes can result in back problems, wear of shoulder joints, etc., especially due to the repetitive nature of these activities.

We at Granberg have been working on ergonomic workplaces for schools, medical care and nursing care since the 1960s. On this page, we have a range of our nursing tables that have been developed specially for day-care facilities.

Our range includes tables with work surfaces that are either of a fixed height or equipped with motorised height adjustment. This allows the carer to set the table to a height that is comfortable for them, reducing injuries. Some tables can be adjusted right down to floor level so that children can step onto them unassisted, eliminating the need to lift the child onto the table.

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