Earth floors H-NATURA

Ready-mix for the construction of natural earth floors

H-NATURA is a premixed material, manufactured on site, for the construction of natural-looking pavements (natural soils) and it is composed of a natural hydraulic base and a hydraulic mixture.
Natural hydraulic lime reduces the water content of the soil, flocculates the clays and facilitates compaction, stabilizing the soil but maintaining a sufficient porosity that allows it to "breathe." The hydraulic mixture improves mechanical properties, increasing bearing capacity and thus allowing a faster coming into service.
The result is a specific and reliable solution, which ensures comfortable pathways when walking, preserving their natural appearance.

The advantages of using H-NATURA are the following:

• Preserves the appearance and color of local soils, their natural appearance.
• Allows various finishes according to the different possibilities of treatment (granular, loose, smooth ...).
• Reduces weed growth, thanks to the basic pH generation
• Presents a very low risk of shrinkage cracking due slow setting and hardening.
• Reduces the presence of dust in summer, as well as the mud rust in winter.
• Provides excellent working comfort at any season of the year.
• Very easy to maintain, with a simple raking of the ground.
• Provides a great durability, as it supports weather changing conditions without being damaged
• Prevents the formation of ruts or runoffs, thanks to its good resistance to erosion
• It is self-healing and provides good resistance to erosion (even on gentle slopes), thanks to the high cohesion of the material and the regenerative capacity of the binder.
• Presents adequate resistance to pedestrian traffic.
• H-NATURA reduces the risks of working accidents, by avoiding the mixing in situ.
• It facilitates the reduction of material losses and subsequent waste management, as supplies can be adapted to the requirements of the work and the need to maintain a stockpile at work site is avoided.
• It is permeable, facilitating the filtration of water to the underlying ground.
• It is repairable, so you can perform soil restoration treatments that were already treated in the past.
• It is more sustainable, allowing the use of any type of sand, even those with lower mechanical performance.
• It is recyclable, after its life cycle it can be demolished and used as an aggregate in the preparation of the layers of a new pavement or in the manufacture of products premixed with cement (concrete, mortar ...)
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