Transparent panel - i.light

Precast concrete panel that combines the strength of cementitious materials and the transparent effect typical of vitreous materials.

i.light is a precast architectural concrete panel that can transmit light. Formed by bonding special resins in an innovative cementitious matrix, i.light not only lets natural and artificial light in, but it also allows the human eye to reconstruct images of objects placed behind the panel, with no change in color and creating an amazing transparent effect.

i.light is a most versatile architectonic material that can be designed in custom size and colors vis-à-vis the cement-based component and the transparent polymer-based inserts.(1)

i.light can be used for non-load bearing elements such as envelopes (facades), roof coverings, decorative elements, walls, partitions on balconies & terraces, stairways and interior design items. i.light panels are installed by fastening them to adequate supporting substructures.

Clear and brilliant:
- Higher bright thanks to a wider light cone.
- Resins provide a higher light transmittance than glass.

- i.light is as durable as a traditional precast panel.
- i.light is resistant to ageing by UV radiation.

- Using i.light provides energetic savings which amount depends on the design characteristics.

(1) Variations may require technical assessment by the parties involved.
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