Natural pavements - STABEX

Natural soil stabilizer for roads and paths. STABEX is an ecological product, composed of natural hydraulic lime and a mineral hydraulic binder. Its use allows the improvement and stabilization of soils in a natural way.
Natural hydraulic lime drops water content of the soil, flocculates clays, eases compaction and waterproofs the soil while maintains a sufficient porosity that allows it to "breath". The hydraulic binder improves its mechanical properties, increases the bearing capacity and thus allows a rapid circulation.

- STABEX avoids the presence of dust in summer, as well as mud and ruts in winter, on roads and sidewalks
- STABEX guarantees excellent ride comfort whatever the seasons.
- STABEX preserves both the appearance and the color of the treated soils and sands, respecting the native varieties, thus preserving their natural appearance.
- STABEX provides simple and easy maintenance of the floors, allowing to perform the same with a simple raking of the ground. It also reduces the growth of weeds.
- STABEX is reversible. In case of a partial treatment, the soil can be remixed with the product and, after a new compaction, it will return to its original state.
- STABEX provides a high resistance to erosion (even on gentle slopes) thanks to a high cohesion of the material.
- STABEX limits the shrinkage due to its slow setting and hardening. When dosage over 6% in mass, for a most resistant pavement, it is recommend the use of fibers and ask to the product technical assistant of your area
- STABEX allows to repair the problems of durability which appear with other stabilization systems, regardless of the size of the area to be restored, from small patches to large surfaces.
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