Ultra-resistant asphalt - i.tech CARGO

Constructive solution for ultra-resistant asphalt pavements.
i.tech CARGO is a cementitious mix based, specifically designed for achieving bituminous pavements with high mechanical performance. It is mixed with water, obtaining a self-percolating slurry, to fill open graded asphalts to obtain semi-rigid pavements.
Thanks to the special formulation of this smooth and high-flow grout, you can obtain
pavements with high punching shear resistance, through percolation in open graded asphalts where the interconnected void content varies from 18 to 22%, even up to 30%.

i.tech CARGO can be easily pumped and percolated can penetrate the full layer depth of asphalt with a high void content without the need for mechanical vibration. No construction joints are required to control shrinkage. The combination "open graded asphalt + i.tech CARGO" allows obtaining monolithic floors with the same characteristics and road comfort as bituminous asphalt and, in addition, compressive strength of a concrete pavement, an ultraresistant pavement. It also provides high chemical resistance, e.g. to solvents and hydrocarbons.
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