Liko Standard Traverse Rail Overhead Lift System

One Motor System — This solution utilizes one Liko® overhead lift motor on a traverse, straight, or curved rail patient lift system requiring up to 800 lbs lift capacity.

Traverse rail system consists of a moveable traversing rail mounted on two fixed rails. This design allows for an increased coverage area to include chairs, couches, sink, etc.

Liko has more than 25 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of overhead lifting systems. Our specialists can provide all the support you need, from consultation on suggested layout options, to finished Computer Aided Drafting drawings. Plus, our unique partnership approach will help ensure clinical safety, workflow and patient satisfaction.

For decades, the range of Liko® products have been utilized and appreciated for their quality, endurance, and ease of use by healthcare facilities worldwide. The LikoGuard® lift is our latest platform of overhead lift motors providing safety you can trust.

Built with experience and innovation to meet the future of overhead lift systems, the LikoGuard lift combines powerful performance and enhanced safety design honoring the Liko safe patient handling legacy.

Safety features include a patented emergency stop & emergency lowering mechanism, new battery technology, new hand controls, high safe working load and newly-designed slingbar: the SlingGuard™ accessory which encourages correct placement of sling loops. These safety features bring confidence to correct and safe patient mobilization.


Innovative Sling Bar

The SlingGuard accessory is designed for secure attachment and application of the sling.

Patented Emergency Lowering

The unique emergency stop & manual emergency lowering mechanism is reachable from the floor and easy to engage and operate.

High SWL (Safe Working Load)

600 lb/272 kg (LikoGuard L lift), 800 lb/363 kg (LikoGuard XL lift).

The LikoGuard lift supports the transfer and movement of patients in various sizes, including bariatric patients, contributing to fewer patient handling injuries among healthcare workers.

Hand Control

2 choices of hand controls:

  • Easy to use hand control with battery, service and overload indicators.
  • Advanced & intuitive hand control with graphical user interface offering tracking of user and service data.

Li-ion Battery Technology

Environmental friendly with high performance.

Lift Strap

Lift interval: 91 in/230 cm. Supports both Quick Release Hook, fixed sling bars and stretchers.


Choice of on wall charger or In Rail Charging (IRC).


Compatible with existing sling portfolio and most lifting accessories through the use of adapter kits.


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