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Unique ref.: MQ41_MQ41
Brand: Hilti
Product family: Channel systems
Product group: Ceiling applications/Trapeze - Frames
Date of publishing: 2015-03-09
Edition number: 1
Type: Assembly (multiple objects)
This product is no longer available for download. Please contact manufacturer for more details.
This is an assembly with:
  • Install. channel MQ-41 3M
  • Install. channel MQ-41 3M
  • Rail support MQP-21-72
  • 4-hole angle MQW-4
  • Channel connector MQN
  • Safety stud anchor HST M12X115/20
  • Channel end cap MQZ-E41
  • Threaded rod AM10x1000 4.8 zinced
  • Comfort pipe ring MPN-RC 3" B
  • Pipe ring saddle MQA-M10
  • Hexagon nut M10 zinced
  • Threaded rod AM10x1000 4.8 zinced

Material main: Metal
Material secondary: Electrogalvanized
Designed in: Liechtenstein
Manufactured in: Germany

BIMobject Category: HVAC - Installation Systems
IFC classification: Pipe Fitting
UNSPSC name: Channels
UNSPSC code: 301018