IMI Hydronic Engineering

We are leading supplier of a range of products and services that you get everything perfectly arranged, which increase efficiency and reduce the initial and ongoing costs with breakthrough and reliable HVAC solutions.
Trusted brands and an excellent reputation

Our global presence and excellent track record - we've provided solutions to over 100,000 projects around the world - means that when you choose an IMI Hydronic Engineering product, you've made the right decision. On the contrary, we are constantly on the move to develop new breakthrough technologies that are easy to install, easy to maintain and cost effective.

Trusted brands with which you can arrange everything

IMI TA is the market leader in control and adjustment technology for a perfect indoor climate.
IMI PNEUMATEX offers an unrivaled range of solutions for pressure maintenance, dirt separation and degassing - multifunctional, durable and beneficial for the life of the system.
IMI HEIMEIER number 1 in Europe for thermostatic control solutions - with more than 120 easy-to-install valve types, innovative, high quality design features and a series of thermostats, thermostats and related products, in short, a range that can fill your specific needs.

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