Mesto Configurations Rubber Tile, Rubber Flooring

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Brand: Johnsonite
Product family: Resilient Flooring
Product group: Rubber Flooring
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Date of publishing:2011-11-23
Edition number: 1

Product description

A balanced life is filled with variety. So that’s exactly what Mesto Configurations offers; a variety of tones and shapes that harmonize for an organic, balanced space. Mesto Configurations is a unique rubber family made up of 8 of the Mesto marbleized colorways in tiles or planks. Choose tiles in 6" x 6" or 12" x 12". Choose planks in 6" x 24" or 12" x 24". Mix if you see fit.

Much like natural stone, each of the 8 palettes is available in the standard Mesto colors plus a lighter and darker tone. These 3 individual tones can be used alone or blended with the other tones, creating the varied look of natural materials.

Each tile and each plank are unique in pattern and color blend, yet subtle enough to ensure each Mesto Configurations installation is distinctive, refined and diverse. That’s variety. That’s balance. That’s Mesto Configurations.


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