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flowIQ®2200 – KWM2210, Q3 4,0 m3/h, G1B (R¾)x190 mm, water meter

flowIQ®2200 – KWM2210, Q3 4,0 m3/h, G1B (R¾)x190 mm, water meter

flowIQ® 2200 meters cover a series of integrated, hermetically sealed water meters with integrated radio communication.

flowIQ® 2200 is a static ultrasonic meter – without any moving parts – using the ultrasonic time of flight measurement principle.

The flowIQ® 2200 series comes with different battery options.

flowIQ® 2200 – KWM2231 is battery powered by two A-cell batteries. 

flowIQ® 2200 – KWM2210 is powered by one C-cell battery. The internal lithium batteries, can provide up to 16 years of life.

The flowIQ® 2200 series is fully IP68 rated – protected against both internal moisture penetration and external water ingress and can thus be submerged in water. This applies throughout the whole lifetime of the meter.

  • flowIQ® 2200

    Acoustic leakage detection in service connections

    Nominal flow from 1.6 m3/h up to 10 m3/h

    Approved with dynamic range up to R1600

    Pinpoint accuracy

    Integrated communication

                   - Wireless M-Bus C1, T1

                       - linkIQ®

    Wired interface for selected modules:

                       - Communication with flowIQ® Gateway

                       - Configuration of volume pulses

    External antenna option

    Intelligent info codes assist you with your operations, asset management and customer service

    Water and ambient temperature measurement

    Up to 20 years of battery life time

    Designed for operation in submerged environments

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.02-x-xx-x-C-2E-x-xx
  • Product familyWater Meters
  • Product groupflowIQ®2200
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2020-08-27
  • Edition number1
  • Height (mm)66
  • Width (mm)91.6
  • Depth (mm)190
  • Material mainPlastic
  • Material secondaryPlastic
  • Designed inDenmark
  • Manufactured inDenmark
  • Weight Net (Kg)0.47
  • BIMobject CategoryPlumbing - Plumbing
  • IFC classificationFlow Terminal
  • ETIM CodeEG000045
  • ETIM NameMeters