Clearwall ® Curtain Wall System

Clearwall™ Curtain Wall System
  • 5/8" (15.9mm) exterior weatherseal sightline
  • 2-1/2" (63.5mm) interior metal sightline
  • Variable depth
  • High thermal performance
  • 4-sided Toggle Glazed (TG)
Product Features4-Sided Toggle Glazed (TG) Curtain Wall System
Today, a growing number of architects are designing buildings with sleek, uninterrupted all-glass façades. Clearwall™ curtain wall, an innovative 4-sided Toggle Glazed (TG) system*, delivers this highly desired aesthetic for low-rise applications. Clearwall™ curtain wall strikes a balance of form and function through its groundbreaking toggle design, which reduces installation labor, simplifies on-site logistics and enhances safety while providing superior aesthetics. Featuring inspired design, tight construction and brilliant results, Clearwall™ curtain wall is clearly different and clearly innovative.
*multiple patents pending

Key Features Include: 
  • Clearwall™ is a 4-sided Toggle Glazed (TG) curtain wall system
  • Achieves an all-glass monolithic aesthetic in a field glazed, screw spline application
       - 5/8" (15.9) exterior vertical and horizontal weatherseal sightline
       - 2-1/2" (63.5) interior metal sightline
  • Innovative toggle assembly captures glass, eliminating field application of structural silicone
  • All 3 glazing options use the toggle based glass retention system
    1.) Clearwall™ SS (Screw Spline) or SB (Shear Block)
      >  Toggles capture Viracon®’s 1-1/8" insulating glass unit, with a recessed spacer
      >  Inside lite of insulating glass unit is directly engaged by toggles
      >   No structural silicone required
    2.) Clearwall™ SSI (Screw Spline Interface) or SBI (Shear Block Interface)
    - Toggles capture standard 1" insulating glass unit attached with shop applied metal interface using
    structural silicone
    3.) Clearwall™ SSIT (Screw Spline Interface Tape) or SBIT (Shear Block Interface Tape)- Toggles capture standard 1" insulating glass unit attached with shop applied metal interface using 3M™ VHB™ Structural Glazing Tape
  • Screw spline joinery method allows shop assembly of ladder sections, reducing field labor
  • Shear Block joinery and deeper mullions allow for higher free-spans (up to 26' with steel reinforcing)
  • Clearwall™ can be supplied fabricated and knocked down, or in stock lengths
  • Interlocking mullion design eliminates the need for anti-buckling clips
  • Silicone compatible EPDM glazing materials for long-lasting seals
  • Offers integrated entrance framing systems
  • Available in multiple anodized and painted finishes
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