TR-8300 Sliding Glass Doors

Product Features

Operation Ease

  • Oversize pull handles provide a comfortable handgrip
  • Operating panel glides on adjustable steel wheels
  • Screen glides on two pairs of adjustable wheels

  • Wheels roll on a raised track bead to avoid frame sill debris
  • Lock and fixed panel interior anchors resist exterior prying
  • Snap-in threshold cover protects frame sill from damage

  • 1" insulating glass made with mandatory safety glass lites
  • Exterior key handle, mortise lock, and interior latch handle
  • Plated steel wheel; 10 psf frame sill

  • XO or OX (X = operating panel - specify choice)
  • Center slide: three panels OXO
    (specify slide direction) Center Slide: 4 panels OXXO
  • 12 psf or 15 psf frame sill
  • Exposed meeting stile reinforcements, per design load and door height
  • Stainless steel wheels for operating panel
  • Exterior or internal muntins
  • Exterior Screens - standard or heavy duty

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North America
United States