Model 2040 Operable Walls - Continuously Hinged/Manually Operated

Unique ref.:   nst32843

Brand: Kwik-Wall Co.
Product family: Operable Partitions
Product group: Operable Walls
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Date of publishing:2014-05-27
Edition number: 1

Product description

Operable Walls: Model 2040

KWIK-WALL's 2040 Continuously Hinged / Manually operated system is especially suited for walls spanning 26'- 0" (7.92 m) or less. The panels are hinged together to form a continuous panel train, allowing for quick and easy manual setup. Simply pull on the lead panel and all the other panels follow in concert. The track system has been designed in a continuous straight run, which greatly simplifies the structural header requirements necessary for supporting the wall system.


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