Mahasamut มหาสมุทร

The Journey of Design.

It is like "setting sail" to see the world (of design) traveling to experience and harvest beauty in various aspects. Through a design that friends may not know before.

We want our friends to be able to watch the story and the thought process that is fun and frenzied at the same time.The viewing aesthetics are in the future or in the future. Until meeting a destination every time

Our concept is open to embracing new ideas that are always emerging in this world, as well as being inspired by the people, places, or everyday stories we and our friends encounter. Then come and use it in design endlessly, combined with the identity of Mahasamut into the next work, it is waiting together with the work that comes out at the end of how it will look. Book tickets and start traveling again.
The stories we have come across are diverse, interesting to follow, and it gives them a “passion” to launch new products all the time, so it's the place where we want to invite our friends to follow along.

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