Solutions for tunneling and mining

Master Builders Solutions is the leading supplier of product solutions focused on our customers' needs in the tunneling and mining industry. With more than 100 years of experience, our innovations have become the industry benchmark. We help our customers add new dimensions to the world we live in, turning ideas into extraordinary creations.

Innovative ground support solutions

Sprayed concrete is widely used for ground support in tunneling. Master Builders Solutions  offers customers innovative and cost-effective product solutions and competent technical services that are tailored to specific project needs. These solutions dramatically improve working environments and lower health and environmental risks.
Master Builders Solutions also provides support to tunnel designers, contractors, and owners throughout all phases of the tunneling project. Our extensive know-how helps to solve ground support challenges in tunneling as well as assist with the selection of the appropriate sprayed concrete system.

Rapid ground consolidation solutions

As part of MasterRoc´s product range of solutions for tunneling, sold under the Master Builders Solutions, which offers high performance ground consolidation products and system solutions.      

Unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions during underground construction escalate costs and can have a negative influence on the environment. To counteract these risks, an economical approach to ground consolidation is to pre-inject the ground ahead of the advancing face to avoid water ingress and to stabilize the ground.

Solutions for safe, cost-efficient and reliable tunneling construction 

The tunneling construction industry is facing enormous challenges today: Our clients are aiming at fast, economical excavation and construction, low maintenance costs and 120 years of service life. More than ever, tunnels should be attractive, safe and comfortable. Groundwater ingress through concrete and waterproofing systems is feared by contractors and owners because it poses a major threat to their goals.
The challenge is to find the water management solution best suited for the type of tunnel conditions. And this is where we come in. Master Builders Solutions provides you with high-end water management solutions that are extremely effective, long-lasting and easily applied. Our water management solutions include sheet and spray-applied membranes for optimum water-tightness in drill & blast/NATM tunnels and flexible elastic coatings for cut and cover tunnels.

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