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Drinking water tank internal waterproofing - MasterSeal 6808

Drinking water tank internal waterproofing - MasterSeal 6808

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MasterSeal M 808 is a multi-purpose waterproofing membrane for water management industry both for areas with high chemical and mechanical demands (inflow) and for areas where potable water is stored (disinfection and outflow). Additionally it is used in industrial process areas where concrete or steel structures are affected by water containing dissolved aggressive chemicals. The system comprises: Primer: MasterSeal P770. Special primer for MasterSeal M membranes applied on mineral (dry or humid) substrates. Alternative Primer: MasterSeal P 385 Epoxy-cement primer for the application of membranes on humid mineral absorbent and non absorbent substrates. Membrane: MasterSeal M 808 Two component elastic polyurethane membrane with high chemical resistance.
  • Application of 2 (3) coats with minimum total approximate thickness of 0,5 (0,8) mm of two-component, 100% solid content, polyurethane waterproof coating approved under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) regulations 2000 for use in contact with potable water, MasterSeal M 808 from Master Builders Solutions (or similar / analogous). The membrane will be applied on suitable primer according producer's instructions. Physical properties of the product: Water vapour permeability (EN ISO 7783-1,2): Sd ≤ 7 m (0,5 mm thickness) CO2 permeability (EN 1062 – 6): Sd ≥ 50 m (0,5 mm thickness) Capillary water absorption (EN 1062-3): w ≤ 0,01 kg/m2 h0.5 Crack bridging (static EN 1062 – 7 (A)): ≥ A4 (23ºC); ≥ A3 (-10ºC); ≥ A2 (-20ºC) Crack bridging (dynamic EN 1062 - 7 (B)): ≥ B2 (20ºC, -20ºC) Adhesion to concrete (EN 1542): ≥ 3,0 N/mm2 Adhesion to concrete after freeze-thaw cycling (EN 13687-1): ≥ 2,5 N/mm2 Impact resistance (EN ISO 6272): ≥ 20 Nm Abrasion resistance (EN ISO 5470-1): ≤ 350 mg
Technical specification
  • Unique ref.MasterSeal_6808
  • Product familyMasterSeal® - Master Builders Solutions
  • Product groupDrinking Water and Foodstuff Waterproofing Coatings
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2018-03-27
  • Edition number1
  • Material mainPolyurethane
  • Designed inSpain
  • Manufactured inSpain
  • BIMobject CategoryConstruction Materials - Waterproofing & Membranes
  • IFC classificationMaterial
  • Uniclass 2015 CodePr_35_31_68_64
  • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionPolyurethane (PUR) waterproof coatings
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code07 14 00
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleFluid-Applied Waterproofing
  • OmniClass Number23-13 25 17 15
  • OmniClass TitleFluid Applied Waterproofing