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Resource management expert Harald Professner speaker at BIMobject LIVe

Resource management expert Harald Professner speaker at BIMobject LIVe

We are happy to announce that Harald Professner, working with Global Business Development at Rhomberg Group, will be speaking at the 2016 business conference BIMobject LIVe in Malmö, November 2-3. He will share his vision about how to build smart in order to safeguard the environment, teach us a thing or two about how to achieve resource efficiency in everything we do and the particular advantages of BIM for today’s manufacturers.

Can you really build skyscrapers just using wood?

Rhomberg Group operates in the fields of construction, railway technology and engineering, underpinned by the ecologically sound utilisation of resources and driven by sustainability. Professner played an integral part in the launch of the subsidiary “Cree”, a company that delivers the groundbreaking technology necessary to build high-rise buildings, using system construction methods that are consistently and logically based on the raw material wood.

You don’t want to miss his lecture, as it will most likely leave you surprised by the things you can do with the most natural material imaginable as the basis – and how less can actually become more in the building industry!

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