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Allplan signs cooperation agreement with BIMobject®

BIMobject AB (BIMobject) today announce a new collaboration with Allplan GmbH (Allplan), which is a major player in BIM and AEC.

Allplan is owned by Nemetscheck Group, which had a turnover of EUR 285 million in 2015. In the near future, Allplan will develop a BIMobject App for its approximately 40,000 users and give them the ability to download BIM objects directly from BIMobject Cloud. BIMobject will support the Allplan format in the BIMobject Cloud in order to support the Allplan BIM-platform.

Users of Allplan, mostly architects and engineers, will in the future be able to easily integrate BIM objects into their drawings and models from BIMobject Cloud, which will facilitate the daily work significantly and provide information-rich digital products and materials.

Nemetscheck Group, which owns Allplan, is one of Europe's leading suppliers of architectural, engineering and management applications.

"We regularly receive requests from architects and engineers who need manufacturer specific BIM objects for Allplan. Now we can finally address this need. Also for manufacturers of building materials and products, this will mean a significant increase regarding the amount of users from Allplan world”, says Johannes Reischböck, COO and board member, BIMobject.

"Our customers will benefit directly through our cooperation with BIMobject. Architects and engineers will in future be able to integrate BIM objects from the original products directly into their BIM workflows. This makes the process of planning, construction and operation of buildings significantly more efficient which will create more value", says Markus Tretheway, Vice President of Product Management, Allplan.

For more information, please contact:
Emma Möllerberg - Press contact
Tel: +46 40- 685 29 00


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