BIMobject signs Letter of Intent with leading US 3D media company Matterport

Nina Quist - 2018-04-24

BIMobject has signed a Letter of Intent with the leading 3D immersive media technology company Matterport. The purpose is to integrate the companies' platforms and create user-friendly solutions. This will allow for the easy use of digital building and interior products from BIMobject Cloud, such as sofas and windows, in Matterport's 3D spaces. The integrations will enable detailed visualization in Virtual Reality and other technologies.

A leading 3D reality capture system

California-based Matterport offer a leading 3D reality capture system, and a platform that can be used to map out surroundings, such as entire homes or buildings. The system produces multiple outputs including immersive 3D environments, that can be experienced on desktop computers, mobile devices, in Virtual Reality headsets and as high-resolution photographs and floor plans.

A seamless integration

BIMobject and Matterport will work together to develop a seamless integration between the two companies' platforms. Specifically, Matterport and BIMobject intend to disrupt two major work streams in the AEC world: conceptual architectural design and facilities management. The cooperation will aim to improve how design decisions are made and implemented, by enabling users to scan a space and redesign it in a collaborative environment using real objects, and then transfer those elements directly in the BIM model.

A better user experience

The integration will also facilitate the scanning of facilities, allowing customers to add all relevant BIM information directly to the scanned model from BIMobject Cloud. The latter is revolutionary, given that it provides a complete alternative to BIM for facility management. BIMobject and Matterport see great potential to significantly streamline and improve the experience for users of cloud-based objects, Virtual Reality, and 3D reality capture.

"We are thrilled to begin this cooperation with one of the world-leading companies in 3D immersive media. BIM objects and 3D reality capture go hand in hand, and we're confident that combining our offers creates more efficient and more user-friendly solutions. You'll benefit whether you're an architect, product manufacturer, or end consumer who wants to visualize what a new kitchen looks like before purchase", says Stefan Larsson, CEO and founder of BIMobject.

Better collaborations

Both BIMobject and Matterport believe the partnership will lead to key developments, such as providing stakeholders with a way to collaborate more productively in the redesign of a space, and the ability to easily toggle back and forth between a BIM model and the Matterport/BIMobject environment.

"Matterport is delivering a platform to facilitate decision-making around properties, including the 3D structure and all of the current or potential future objects within it. BIMobject Cloud offers a growing platform for high-quality objects that we want to be able to integrate into our 3D models. We look forward to working with BIMobject and developing exciting new solutions together", says Bill Brown, CEO at Matterport.


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