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The relentless pursuit of perfection.

Even the smallest spaces have the potential for a pocket door. At least that’s what Giovanni Favero of ECLISSE will proclaim. He specializes in the design and development of sliding pocket door systems. ECLISSE has been in business for 30 years, they own more than 40 patents and maintain a presence in over 50 countries around the globe. In 2015, Giovanni opened a new door at the company and they became a BIM-ready corporation.  

We do it by listening carefully to your needs. 

When ECLISSE first started, they listened to users and installers before developing their pocket door frames. The brand is known for its exclusive characteristics, perfect performance and ease of installation. The doors might slide out of sight, but if you look close there are some finely engineered details. Tracks are fully extractable for cleaning or installing equipment. Alignment bars ensure smooth gliding and proper closure. And there’s their latest solution—the ECLISSE Luce system. It allows electrical switches or boxes to be installed and the wiring can pass through the structure. This makes the electrician happy. Always changing. Always improving. That’s ECLISSE. 

The tools you need to design a solid future.  

ECLISSE never stops listening to their users. Back in 2015, many professionals from England and Northern Europe began requesting BIM libraries of their products. Giovanni at the time realized that it was essential to respond to this need and be present with an international platform. That’s when ECLISSE teamed up with BIMobject—the largest library of BIM objects in the world. Now designers and architects can incorporate ECLISSE products into the planning phase and select from over 72 BIM objects. 

BIMobject has made ECLISSE’s products easier to find and use, providing the company with new opportunities. ECLISSE is now committed to simplifying the building design process. The BIM methodology has enabled the company to participate in the structuring of all the metadata, while sharing and reducing costs. As a result, BIM is an incentive for investments in the construction sector. And with ECLISSE’s early adoption of BIM, they gained a competitive advantage over those manufacturers who did not offer BIM libraries. 

ECLISSE truly believes that BIM objects are the future to the world of design and construction. The process is fast becoming the reference standard for both small and large projects. It’s no longer viable to consider any other alternatives. 

Explore ECLISSE’s 19 product families and 72 objects by clicking here


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