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Winners of the BIM 2019 BIMobject and Polantis Competition.

 "The living urban entity" named "2Py.Cloud" is awarded the 1st prize.

BIM Contest 2019
2019 BIM Competition Awards Ceremony in the auditorium of the Foundation Excellence SMA

The award ceremony of the 2019 BIM Competition took place on October 3, 2019.

For this 4th edition, BIMobject and Polantis collaborated with the city of Evry-Courcouronnes (close to Paris in France), which had offered a major challenge to the candidates: to design a socio-cultural center with a global social vocation. Open to all the population living nearby, offering a welcome, entertainment, activities and services with a social purpose, the project was expected to help open up the selected site.

Gregorio Saura, Borja Martinez, Alicia Moreno, Angel Gonzalez, Lorenzo Muro and Francisco Martinez are European architects and engineers who work in different countries: Belgium, Spain and Sweden. 

The winning team presented an ambitious project: an architectural and urban planning response designed using data. It is the project that has best fulfilled a requirement: creating a dialogue with its environment.

Congratulations to Louis-Nicolas Pinton, Clément Baehr and Sébastien Regall who won the 2nd prize for the project "Poetry of the full and empty for an open space."

Jérôme Lecat who wins the 3rd prize for the "La Barque Solaire" project (Solar boat).

This 4th edition marks a positive turning point for the BIM Competition, which will have to be renewed: since its launch in 2015, the level of BIM adoption has increased significantly. In the future, candidates will have to provide deliverables that further demonstrate their BIM approach.

Thank you to the sponsors of the BIM 2019 Competition: Abvent, Velux, Lafarge, La Toulousaine, Reckli, Graitec, Onduline and La Fondation Excellence SMA.

Thanks also to the sponsors of the competition, members of the BIM ecosystem, namely the Order of Architects, UNSFA, Sightline Group, Club BIM Prescrire, HEXABIM,, Volumic, and the city of Evry-Courcouronnes.

More information about the BIM Contest 2019:

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