L1 Medium

Our luminaire L1 Medium spreads the natural sunlight från Parans solar collector, the SP4 collector. The luminiare needs to always be combined with a SP4 system (Parans solar collector).

L1 Medium offer a beautiful diffused natural light. A part of the light lightens up the luminaire in a pleasant way, while the rest of the light spreads in the room and gives an exciting quadrant print on the surface it meets

The luminaire may be integrated in the ceiling, mounted towards the ceiling or hand down from the ceiling.

Two fiber optic cable are used per luminaire.

The luminaire is not available only as a luminaire, but must be combined with the active daylighting solar collector SP4. The SP4 has high-tech fiber optic cables that leads the sunlight up to 100 meters (328 feet) into the building. The quality of the cables allows the light quality – the visible part of the healthy full spectrum light – and luminosity to retain all the way to the luminaires indoors.

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