Permeable Slab Model Cesped 58X43

Prefabricated high-strength concrete pavement of the Pavigesa® brand. Conceived to be used in outdoor spaces, for use with vehicle traffic or pedestrian use, it meets all the requisites required by current regulations regarding mechanical resistance, durability and slipperiness in any climatic situation.

In Pavigesa® we use Econature® technology, which converts our prefabricated concrete pavements into photocatalytic NO2 collectors, converts the neutralization of greenhouse gases in cities. Our Econature® flooring requires the required Class 3 decontamination requirement according to UNE 127197-1 2013.

Every detail is important, so our pavers are manufactured using a unique pressure and sealing system in the market, specially designed by Pavigesa® for 35 years to help close the exterior pores of the paver, thus achieving a uniform and waterproof finish of a unbeatable quality.

In Pavigesa® we use 20% of raw material obtained from recycled material, mostly from the manufacturing system itself, thus contributing to a very low production of CO2 in the manufacturing process.
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