The Tradinov chimney stack is our traditional solution for the new-build market. Light and economical, this chimney stack has already been installed on many dwellings.

Supplied with an insulated chimney, it secures a good smoke exhaust. A true industrial custom-built solution, the flashing is made to measure and to suit the roofing material for an immediate and perfect water-tightness and guarantees immediate complete sealing, whatever the pitch of the roof or the roofing material. This chimney stack can be adjusted (up to 10%) on site to the roof pitch for a perfect verticality.

The Tradinov chimney stack is installed without structural work and without roof-frame reinforcement. It is intended for use in new-build dwellings and is perfectly in conformity with the new regulations.

It is available in numerous finishes (smooth paint, roughcast or bricks) and can be fitted with different types of cap.

The quality of Poujoulat products is recognized and recommended by the largest European heating appliance manufacturers.
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