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Opensky Access AOV

Opensky Access AOV

Roof Access AOV Smoke & Natural Ventilator

Powrmatic's Roof Access AOV Smoke and Natural Ventilator offers a great solution for buildings requiring efficient smoke ventilation and roof access. This innovative system meets industry standards and regulations while providing a range of features and benefits, including its compatibility with roof ladders to allow for convenient and safe maintenance and access to the roof space. The Access provides either 1m2 or 1.5m2 minimum free area in accordance with Approved Document B Appendix C. It is manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management standards. Its polycarbonate flap option allows the entry of natural daylight, and its wide opening angle, certified performance, and high thermal performance make it an ideal choice for promoting natural ventilation while ensuring safety compliance. Choose Powrmatic's Roof Access AOV Smoke and Natural Ventilator to improve building safety, comfort, and maintenance.

  • Smoke Vent & Access Hatch - Promotes natural ventilation in buildings while enhancing safety by providing smoke extraction during fire incidents

    Product Name: Opensky Access

    Tested to: EN12101:2

    Compatibility: Designed for use in smoke ventilation systems and providing access to the roof space

    Materials: High-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance

    Actuator Type: Offset actuator mechanism for smooth and efficient operation

    Safety Features: Equipped with safety features such as a smoke sensor and automatic release function

    Compliance: Complies with relevant industry standards and regulations for smoke ventilation and access hatches

    Dimensions: Please refer to the specific product page for accurate dimensions

    Installation: Installation instructions and mounting hardware provided for easy installation

    Warranty: Manufacturer's warranty ensuring peace of mind and product support

    Construction: Made from high-quality materials, ensuring reliability and durability

    Performance: Wide-opening angle, certified performance, and high thermal performance for effective ventilation and energy efficiency

    Flap Option: Polycarbonate flap option allows for the entry of natural daylight:

    AOV Specification (EN12101:2)

    • Reliability: RE 50 (1,000 cycles)
    • Wind load: 1500 N/m2
    • Snow load: 250 N/m²
    • Resistant to heat: B 300
    • Low temperature class: T(-5)
    • U value:
      • Up to a maximum of 1.3 W/m²K (aluminium lid version)
      • 2.4 W/m²K (polycarbonate lid version)
    • Watertightness: rain defence tested to 75m/hr @ 13 m/sec
    • Air permeability: Class 2/3 (depending on unit specification) to BS EN 12207:2000
    • Sound insulation: 29 dB R’w
Technical specification
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  • Product familySmoke Ventilation
  • Product groupAccess Roof
  • Date of publishing2023-11-29
  • Edition number1
  • BIMobject CategoryHVAC - Mechanical Ventilation