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The BIMobject® Press room

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  • Month: October 2015
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    BIMobject® and IBM team up for cloud-based BIM

    BIMobject announced a collaboration with IBM that will see the two companies working together to create a more complete cloud solution for manufacturers’ product information. The collaboration will support both product and building lifecycles.

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    BIMobject® AB opens subsidiary in Poland

    BIMobject AB announces an expansion into Poland. BIMobject Poland sp. z o.o. based in Gliwice will be a wholly-owned subsidiary to BIMobject AB. The Polish subsidiary will be a firm base for sales, content management and R&D (Research & Development).

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    Chairman of the Board recruited to BIMobject’s management

    BIMobject® announces that the company will strengthen its management by recruiting Sven Holmgren as Senior Vice President and General Counsel. Holmgren has previously had the role of Chairman of the Board of BIMobject and will start his new position on October 15th, 2015. Sven Holmgren will keep his position as board member.

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