myRENZbox e-Line tilläggsmodul / TM - Singel

Residential letterbox system with electronic locks and digital nameplates

myRENZbox e-Line is an innovative and ingenious electronic property box and package box that links the housing administration with the residents. The electronic property box and parcel box are fully compatible with several access control systems such as Aptus MultiAccess, Axema VAKA, Axessa, RCO M5 and Salto ProAccess. This means accesses and name changes are made in one place, in the access control system. This saves administration time and thus costs. The administration can be done from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

myRENZbox e-Line electronic property box and package box has a digital nameplate with super clear, text and energy-efficient OLED technology. The digital nameplate also has a touch surface where "Yes / No Advertising" is selected by the resident. All electronic parts and cables are hidden inside the compartment, which guarantees minimal wear. The door opens by itself when a resident has authenticated themselves using a tag / tag, a code or via the mobile app. The door does not need to be touched with your hands when opening or closing.

myRENZbox e-Line is prepared for today's and tomorrow's package flows. It is easy to connect parcel boxes afterwards.

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