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Wieland PlyFold Folding Chair

Unique ref.: sauder-012
Brand: Wieland
Product family: Folding
Product group: Plyfold
Date of publishing: 2014-10-06
Edition number: 1
Type: Object (single object)
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o Plyfold is a durable, comfortable ancillary seating option for patient rooms
o Contoured cushions provide ergonomic comfort
o The plyfold + smartrail® offers convenient storage for mounting behind doors
o Back edge wall guard is standard on upholstered backs to prevent damage
o Plyfold comes standard with removable seat cushions for easy cleaning, repair, or replacement to extend product life
o smartrail® is a patented product, US patent no. 9,486,082.
o 10 year warranty on folding chair and smartrail

Material main: Wood
Material secondary:
Designed in: United States
Manufactured in: United States

BIMobject Category: Furniture - Chairs, Stools & Benches
Uniclass 2015 Code: Pr_40_50_51
Uniclass 2015 Description: Medical chairs and couches
OmniClass Number: 23-25 00 00
OmniClass Title: Medical and Laboratory Equipment
This product is available in:
North America
  • United States

BIMobject SEEK Properties

Furniture - Chairs, Stools & Benches

Name Value
Depth 22.75 in
Height 16.25 ; 18.25 in



Name Value
Area of Fabric 0.4 yd | 0.5 yd
Seat Width 16.25" | 18.25"
Seat Height 18"
Overall Width 19" | 21"