High transparency is the hallmark of AMIRAN® anti-reflective glass. Banishing almost all reflection with exceptional transparency levels, AMIRAN® offers unrestricted vision in a broad range of applications, from facades for buildings both old and new to showcases for museums and retailers.

Transparent quality

AMIRAN® eliminates reflection and transmits natural light to such an exceptional degree that users enjoy near-perfect viewing in bright and sunny interior and exterior environments. The AMIRAN® range is also extremely tough, as well as scratch-resistant and weatherproof, so offers a long service life.

Rooms with a view

AMIRAN® is the ideal solution for a wide range of design and preservation challenges that demand superb transparency. In facades and public spaces such as store fronts and museum displays, hotels and stadium VIP areas, the benefits of this glass are crystal-clear.

Tough and long-lasting

The technical properties of AMIRAN® fully qualify it as first choice for those who want a robust glass that delivers perfect vision. The glass generates just 1% luminous reflectance, has high color rendering for even greater transparency, is very durable, and can be made stronger through thermal toughening.

Strength, resilience and clarity

Powerful anti-reflection

AMIRAN® has excellent anti-reflective qualities thanks to SCHOTT’s pioneering sol-gel dipping process, which produces high levels of interference that generate just 1% reflection (compared to 8% with float glass).


This glass is incredibly clear, scoring a superb 100 on the color rendering index, and is highly receptive to light, allowing up to 98% of light rays to pass through.

Processing options

AMIRAN® offers a range of processing choices, with the option to bend the glass and its coatings for inspiring architectural designs.

Strong and hard-wearing

A strong protective coating makes AMIRAN® extremely robust against the damaging effects of harsh weather conditions. It also has high levels of chemical and scratch resistance.

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