D4001 - Compressor, Dental Air, System

Dental air compressor system. Two or more equally sized compressors, with provisions for automatic, alternating and simultaneous operation shall be provided for dental air (DA). Each compressor is to be sized to operate at 65% duty cycle for maintenance of standard demand. Dental compressed air (DCA), 90 PSIG, is used for utility control in dental units, power for lifts, locks, rotary and other pneumatic dental instruments and equipment. DCA shall be oil-free air with the following air standards as maximums: Water - dry to a pressure dew point of 33 degrees F at not less than 90 PSIG; Condensed hydrocarbons - 0.1ppm by weight or 0.1 mg/L; Permanent particulates - 1.0 ppm by weight or 1.0 mg/L. Dental lab air (DLA), 30 PSIG, which is normally used for laboratory restorative and fabrication techniques may be combined with DCA. The system consists of, but not limited to, the following: compressor intake filters, compressors, after-coolers (air cooled), air receiver, pre-filter, dryer (refrigerated), after-filter. Pricing, electrical data and dimensions based upon 16-17 DTRs , each pump sized at approximately 17.5 cfm @ 100 PSIG. Other sizes and configurations are available to meet specified demands.
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