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M1715 - Hemodialysis Unit, Hollow Fiber or Plate

M1715 - Hemodialysis Unit, Hollow Fiber or Plate

Complete hemodialysis unit using either hollow fiber or plate type dialyzers. Unit is freestanding in a wheeled cabinet and include water connection, concentrate pickup pump, proportioner, conductivity monitor, dialysate heater, blood pump, heparin pump, arterial pressure monitor, venous pressure monitor, TMP monitor, air/foam detector, optical detector, blood leak detector, power failure alarm, and remote alarm contacts. Accommodates single needle, two pump procedures. Database information reflects mobile units which carry their own water purification systems. Predominately stationary units within a clinic area can operate from a central water purification system. Electrical circuit should include a ground fault interrupter. Variations of this equipment include versions for pediatric use and peritoneal dialysis (JSN M4860). Optional equipment includes blood pressure monitoring and a variety of waste handling options.
Technical specification
  • Unique ref.M1715
  • Collection setHemodialysis Unit
  • CollectionHollow Fiber
  • TypeRequirement Object
  • Date of publishing2016-01-01
  • Edition number1
  • Height (mm)1520
  • Width (mm)710
  • Depth (mm)710
  • BIMobject CategoryMedical - All
  • IFC classificationFurnishing Element

Region availability

North America
United States