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RouteIT Cable Managers

RouteIT Cable Managers

Siemon's new RouteIT vertical and horizontal cable managers are specifically designed to readily manage the challenges proposed by today's high volume, high density cabling systems. Available in multiple sizes, these versatile cable managers provide a system solution for ready routing and protection of both horizontal cables and patch cords.

Full length, dual hinge doors protect and conceal cabling providing a premium appearance capable of supporting today's high speed network cabling systems.

  • Field Replaceable Cable Management Fingers ­ Can be quickly replaced if damaged or broken without detaching the managers from adjacent racks ­ even while populated
  • Finger Radius ­ Prevents deformation of cable jackets for cables entering/exiting the vertical managers
  • Single Finger Latch Door Operation ­ Allows for quick, readily accessible opening and closing of doors at a single point
  • 6” Central Frame Depth ­ Optimized to match rail depth of cabling purposed racks for maximum capacity
  • High Capacity Fingers ­ Accommodate over 48 category 6A cables to match high density horizontal patch panels or switch blades
  • Dual Hinge Doors ­ Provide access from both sides or can be easily removed to provide open access during initial loading
  • Free Standing Design ­ Enables staging and positioning of managers prior to attachment to open racks
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Technical specification
  • Unique ref.siemon-vcm-hcm
  • Product familyComputer Network Equipment
  • Product groupRacks and Cable Management
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2016-05-31
  • Edition number1
  • BIMobject CategoryElectronics - Networking

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