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VersaPOD Zero-U Vertical Cable Management

VersaPOD Zero-U Vertical Cable Management

VersaPOD Zero-U Vertical Cable Management includes Vertical Patching Channels, Vertical Cable Management Fingers, Vertical Covers and Vertical Cable Management Trays.

The VersaPOD's Vertical Patching Channels (VPC) offer a clean, orderly approach to managing high density cable.

Vertical Patching Channels (VPC) feature an array of integrated cable management options, and dual-hinged door to offer a high capacity and concealable pathway for cable routing and slack management.

The Vertical Patching Channels (Part Number VP-VPC) includes Vertical 4-inch Cable Management Fingers used for mounting alongside each VPC (Vertical Patching Channel) to facilitate routing of copper and fiber jumpers between patching fields as well as cabinet to cabinet connections. The Vertical Cable Management Fingers can also be used with VPPs (Vertical Patching Panels).

VersaPOD'S cable management features are designed to leverage the installation and maintenance benefits of Siemon's pre-terminated copper and fiber trunk cable assemblies and plug-and-play fiber solutions.

VPCs can be arranged in multiple configurations dependent on the user's needs.

The VersaPOD side-by-side bayed cabinet configuration allows any combination of VersaPOD Zero-U Sliding Vertical Patch Panels (VPPs), Vertical Blanking Panels and/or VersaPOD Vertical Patching Channels (VPCs) to be mounted vertically between cabinets for a wide variety of data center applications.

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  • Date of publishing2016-05-31
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