One of the strengths of Siru, a major company in the creation of artistically valuable chandeliers, consists in having recovered artisan techniques and tradition of Murano typical glass art, and in having reinterpreting them thanks to its strong tendency to experiment in terms of the use and processing of materials.

An innate attitude, which leads the Venetian company to go beyond the simple production of manufactured goods and to become a real research laboratory in the field of applied arts, originating unique creations.

The key term that characterizes the culture of modern living is design, an English word that refers both to the planning phase and to the final result of this process: the finished product. A concept that entails wide variations, in particular in the furniture field, as it is considered as a factor aimed at customizing the interior home space as well as the experience of those who live in it.

From this concept, SIRU presents its new collection of lamps,
original lighting solutions characterized by blown glass inside a cage made of metallic filaments. Thanks to the contribution of famous designers and international design firms, these lighting solutions boast innovative lines and contemporary forms, highlighting the strong emotional impact. Thus, the ancient technique of glassblowing in a metal cage is part of a conceptual
reinterpretation, where design objects take on new shapes and profiles, through a refined contemporary perspective.

SIRU’s new design solutions are the result of a synthesis of the concepts of tradition and contemporary perspective, marking the first step in an evolutionary and ambitious path of a company that enjoys reinventing itself, taking the challenge in an increasingly
competitive and demanding market.

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