Aluminum facade frame - 76 % to 100 % transparent

The generic facade described is a curtain wall, an assembly consisting of a vertical and horizontal framework of aluminum profiles, assembled and anchored to the building structure, with transparent or opaque fillings to form a continuous and lightweight envelope that alone or in conjunction with the construction, provides all the normal functions of an exterior wall, but does not contribute in any way to the stability of the building structure.

Designated "frame facade" it consists of pre-assembled modules then juxtaposed on the building at the top of the slab, having the height of one or more floors and including their fillings.

Justified in accordance with the European product standard NF EN 13830 and installed vertically with a maximum angle of 15° both towards the outside and the inside, it meets the requirements of NF DTU 33.1 unless specifically requested.

The function of the studied system is among other things to let light through. However, a facade fulfils a multitude of functions and must have characteristics that ensure the comfort level of the building's occupants.

The indication of the variation in the percentage of transparency represents the transparent glass surface for the same frame
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