Southern Vintage

John & Jessica Allgeier are a classic example of a rustic meets refined love story.  With five children, the Allgeiers live in Louisville Kentucky on a family farm.

The woodworking business has been in John’s family since the early 1900s. Founded by his great-grandfather, three generations later, the woodworking business and legacy has found its way into John’s hands. John can trace the origins of his passion for woodworking back to his childhood where he sat in his grandfather’s basement and watched as the elder Allgeier would tool about crafting furniture for family members.  After college, John’s love for woodworking went into the flooring industry as he perfected the sanded-finish process that is still the most sought after flooring today.

Southern Vintage is not just a company, it is passion, love, and legacy that will be passed on to Allgeier generations to come.

Many people believe that there can be no successful combination of rustic and refinement. They assume the two are opposites, and therefore cannot intertwine. Southern Vintage is a line of rustic reclaimed wood furniture, flooring, and siding created by reclaimed wood from 100-year-old barns across the country. Flooring & Granite Designs is a third-generation family business that is proud to introduce the exclusive line of reclaimed wood products named Southern Vintage.

Tradition, family, collaboration, and inspiration are all key aspects of the Allgeier's All-American lifestyle and their business ventures. When you buy reclaimed wood pieces from Southern Vintage, you enjoy an unexpected combination of styles, textures, and elements recreated into something new, beautiful, and timeless.

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