Free Smoke

Smoke and heat control systems have the goal of eliminating and containing the spread of smoke and heat in the concerned ambient from fire by keeping a layer on the ground free of smoke. These systems must be designed and produced in compliance with the UNI 9494 standard FREE SMOKE natural smoke and heat exhaust devices (NSHE), are one of the essential components in the natural exhaust system (NSHES). In case of fire they allow to automatically open the skylights to extract the products generated by the combustion thus, contributing to keep a smoke free layer. These devices can operate by temperature, via a sensor and a local energy source or by means of the equipment which can be connected to fire detection systems. FREE SMOKE devices are designed and produced in compliance with the EN12101 standard and CE certified under the provisions of Regulation 305/11 CE, DoP In detail this system pursue the following objectives: • To keep exits and access to the areas affected by the fire free of smoke ; • To delay and/or prevent the conditions causing the fire to spread (“flash-over”); • Ease fire-fighting intervention team operations; • Limit damage to systems and goods; • Reduce heat demand in the structures; • Reduce damages caused by toxic or corrosive substances stemming from the combustion.

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