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LC SDI cdu 3ph R32

LC SDI cdu 3ph R32

The Super Digital Inverter, equipped with R32 refrigerant gas, is a sure reference for the sector thanks to its very high energy efficiency. The heart of the unit is the DC-Twin Rotary Eco-driving compressor, renowned for its high efficiency and stability both at full load and, above all, at partial loads, driven by the vector inverter. The performances are high both in terms of SEER and SCOP for high comfort and limited consumption throughout the year and the operating range has been significantly expanded from -15 ° C to + 52 ° C in cooling and from - 27 ° C to 15 ° C in heating. What sets it apart from the previous version is the completely renewed internal structure. The new "Defrost Bypass Control" function allows you to reduce the defrosting time by about 20% and maximize user comfort even during defrosting. Great attention has been paid by Toshiba's engineers to the inverter board and its housing. To ensure high performance, especially in the periods of the heat, such as summer, the layout of the heat sink has been renewed, positioned closer to the fan. These improvements make component cooling faster thanks to the high efficiency air flow, as well as improving its reliability at high temperatures. The battery, in addition to being larger than the previous version, consists of tubes of only 7 mm and spaced 21 mm apart, bringing the total to 72 mm for a greater and more effective surface of exchange that increased efficiency by 30%. Finally, the fan features a new design with a diameter of 280mm, inverted wing blades equipped with profiles to avoid turbulence contributes to the improvement of the air flow by 30%. HEAT PUMPS from 2HP up to 5HP REFRIGERANT R32 ECO-DRIVING COMPRESSORS VECTOR INVERTER
  • Main features Internal layout completely renewed Among the highest energy efficiency values on the market, both in cooling and heating. The action and magnetic structure of the new Twin-Rotary Eco-driving compressors provide excellent energy efficiency both at full and partial load. Greater installation flexibility thanks to a development of the pipes that can reach up to 75 m depending on the size with a difference in height of up to 30 m. Wide operating limits at low temperatures down to -15 ° C in cooling and down to -27 ° C in heating.
Technical specification
  • Unique ref.LC_SDI_cdu_3ph_R33
  • Product familyHVAC - Light Commercial
  • Product groupIndoor unit
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  • Date of publishing2020-06-09
  • Edition number1
  • BIMobject CategoryHVAC - Air Conditioning