Estía Stardard Heat pump (outdoor unit) HWS-455H-E

The Estía Standard of air-to-water heat pumps for heating consists of 7 models, 4 single-phase and 3 three-phase, to suit any residential or small office application. The outdoor units are equipped with the Toshiba DC Twin Rotary Eco-driving compressor, which guarantees maximum efficiency for the entire system.

Using the HWS-AMS54E-EN controller, up to 8 heat pumps can be operated in parallel in the same application, making the system the ideal solution for apartment buildings. The hydronic modules are all equipped with an energy class A 6-speed pump. The system can also be combined with a domestic hot water tank available in three sizes of 150, 210 or 300 liters, which can be selected according to the intended use. The control mounted on board the hydronic module is equipped with weekly programming and can manage up to two different temperature zones and with different types of terminals.

The Estía is also perfectly suited for applications in mountain areas.

Estía can also be connected to external supervision and control systems using Modbus and Konnex protocols.

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