Top Operated Pinewood low pitch Centre-pivot roof window - GBL

GBL is a manually operated centre pivot specially designed roof window that together with the special flashing EDG can be installed in roof pitches down to 10°. Apart from this, the window have almost same specifications and functions as standard roof window GGL and is centre-pivoted and operated with a full-width control bar on the ventilation flap of the top sash. The ventilation flap allows fresh air to enter the room through a dust and insect filter. 

Frame and sash made of laminated pine wood and ventilation flap made of pine wood are all finished with triple coat. 

The exterior of the frame and sash is metal-clad and therefore maintenance-free.


External frame 
W x H : mm
Effective daylight
areas: m²
Geometric free
area: m²
CK04550 x 978    0.29    0.34
MK04780 x 978    0.47     0.53 
MK06780 x 1178    0.59     0.66 
MK08780 x 1398    0.72     0.81 
PK04942 x 978     0.60     0.66 
SK011140 x 698    0.48     0.54 
SK061140 x 1178    0.95     1.03 

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