VK458 - Residential Pendent Sprinkler (K7.4)

VK458 - Residential Pendent Sprinkler (K7.4)

Viking Freedom® Residential Pendent Sprinkler VK458 is a small, thermosensitive, glass-bulb residential sprinkler available in several different finishes and temperature ratings to meet varying design requirements. The Electroless Nickel PTFE (ENT) coating has been investigated for installation in corrosive atmospheres and is UL Listed as corrosion resistant. The sprinkler's larger 7.4 (107) K-factor is well-suited for NFPA 13 residential systems requiring a 0.1 gpm/ft2 design density.
  • K-Factor: K7.4 (107)

    Manufacturer: Viking

    Page: F_042005

    Part Number: 13230

    VK Number: VK458

    Additional Information: NOTICE: The product details indicated below are for general reference only and may vary based on the specific product approval and/or application. Always verify product details with the technical data sheet and consult with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

    Max Pressure: 175 psi (12 bar)

    Response Type: Residential

    Occupancy Type: Residential

    Thread Size: 3/4" NPT (20 mm BSP)

    Min Spacing: 8 ft (2,4 m)

    Max Spacing: 20 x 20 ft (6,1 x 6,1 m)

Technical specification
  • Unique ref.vk458-residential-pendent-sprinkler-k74
  • Collection setViking Fire Sprinklers
  • CollectionViking - Residential / Pendent
  • TypeObject (single object)
  • Date of publishing2021-01-25
  • Edition number1
  • Designed inUnited States
  • Manufactured inUnited States
  • BIMobject CategoryFire Products - Sprinkler Systems
  • UNSPSC nameFire sprinkler heads
  • UNSPSC code46191610
  • Uniclass 1.4 CodeL71664
  • Uniclass 1.4 DescriptionSprinkler heads
  • Uniclass 2.0 CodePR-55-57-99
  • Uniclass 2.0 DescriptionWater Sprinkler Heads
  • Uniclass 2015 CodePr_70_55_97_84
  • Uniclass 2015 DescriptionSprinkler heads
  • NBS Reference Code55-57-99
  • NBS Reference DescriptionWater Sprinkler Heads
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 Code21 13 00
  • CSI MasterFormat 2014 TitleFire-Suppression Sprinkler Systems
  • OmniClass Number23-29 33 11 11
  • CSI UniFormat II CodeD4010
  • CSI UniFormat II TitleSprinklers

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North America
United States