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Primary school in Rahewinkel

The first thing passers-by will notice about the building, completed in 2018, is the cladding made of larch wood rods. It conveys sustainability thanks to its positive CO2 footprint and connection to nature. It also allows the building to blend in harmoniously with its surroundings. The three-dimensional, light wooden rods can also be found in the school's central atrium, creating a fluid transition from the outer cladding into the building inside. The WAREMA external venetian blinds chosen for shading continue the slat structure of the wooden facade on the windows, thus strengthening the unified appearance of the structure. As well as the elegant appearance, when making our decision we also considered the mechanism of the external venetian blinds, which can be exploited to the fullest in educational institutions. These products enable a flexible light design, which lets in as much sun as desired, without glare. Daylight provides stimulation in learning environments and positively affects the biorhythms and concentration of students, as well as their general well-bein