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Weland Solutions AB is a leading provider of solutions for warehouse management and logistics. We deliver customized and optimized lifts and warehouse inventory. Our range of warehouse inventory includes pallet racks, cantilever racks, pull-out units and sigma beams. With the right products at the right place, it's easy to streamline the entire production.

Our concept is the same since our start - to deliver Swedish-made products that streamline inventory management and logistics. Our strength is our high level of expertise and responsiveness. We always work closely with our customers and always try to meet their needs. Weland Solutions always strives to deliver the most effective solutions possible.

In 1999 the Compact Logistic System AB was founded in Smålandsstenar. At the same time the development of the vertical storage lifts Compact Lift and Compact Twin also started, which today is two of our most powerful lifts. In 2001 Weland entered as a partner and in 2003 Compact moved to Gislaved and started production. In 2006 the name of the company was changed to Weland Lagersystem AB.

In 2018 the company took its present name, Weland Solutions AB. Today Weland Solutions AB is part of the Weland group with a turnover of about MSEK 1900 and 900 employees. Weland Solutions AB is a global company that is represented in eight countries and our products are represented in more than twenty countries. We have our own sales offices in Gislaved and Västerås. Despite our global brand, all production and development takes place at our premises in Gislaved.

We strive to meet future demands on logistics and inventory. We are constantly working on product development and is a long term partner that you can trust. Our strict procedures guarantee efficient inventory management and long-life products. We are driven to create new, innovative solutions for our customers.

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