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Aleluia Cerâmicas S.A. results from the fusion, in 2006, of various companies who own some of the leading brands of ceramics.
It is a company of the utmost relevance in its sector, where none of its competitors offer such a vast array of products: white body floor and wall tiles, enamelled porcelain tiles, extruded porcelain tiles, traditional glazed tiles and also enamelled porcelain tiles decorated using digital printing technology.
From this results a diverse range of solutions including all potential necessities, from the boldest decorative needs to demanding technical anti-acid floor coverings for industries.
Aleluiua Cerâmicas, S.A. is comprised of 4 brands, Ceramic, Keratec, Viúva Lamego and Dreamcer. Each brand has unique characteristics and responds to different expectations and necessities.
“Innovation, Quality and Design” are the values associated with its products, providing innovative aesthetic solutions which are adaptable to the most varied lifestyles.

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